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SAS DI Error Table Lock

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SAS DI Error Table Lock



Hi Experties.....



I am facing issue while executing DI job. Version is 4.2

Below is the error message


ERROR: A lock is not available for Lib.DATA


But table is not used in any session. I tried by restarting services, but still getting same error.

So I have to take server restart.


But if you guys know any option to unlock a table, please let me know.





Thank you....

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Re: SAS DI Error Table Lock

Okhams razor. Investigate the obvious first, meaning if SAS says there is a lock, chances are that this correct. Restarting services does not help since many types of SAS sessions runs independently.
In rare occasions a SAS session that abends with an input lock on a table can leave a lock file.
How have you verified that there is no process locking the file?
If the data set is on a share or mountable disk the SAS process could be remote even.
Also, it's possible to create logic in your job that creates locks for subsequent steps. Analyze the generated code and the whole log carefully.
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Re: SAS DI Error Table Lock

Is it a SAS dataset or a table in SAS/Access?

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Re: SAS DI Error Table Lock

Not sure if this is the issue but I have this problem from time to time and it is always my automated cloud backup creating the issue. I often have to put it to sleep for a few hours while working on SAS.

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