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SAS Business Data Network - Secure Term Types?

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SAS Business Data Network - Secure Term Types?



Is it possible to authorize access(read,write....) only to specific term types in SAS Business Data Network?

For example let's suppose that we have three Term Types: Default, Type1, Type2. I want Group1 to view Default and Type1 but not Type2 and Group2 to view Default,Type2 but not Type1.


PS: In BDN, i have seen the root-level authorization and the term authorization, but not the term-type authorization. But as i was checking the capabilities in the management console, I've seen the Secure Term Type capability. So i searched for this feature in the BDN web application, but i couldn't find it anywhere.


Thank you in advance.

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Re: SAS Business Data Network - Secure Term Types?



I am afraid there is no securing of the term types. This capability is a UI error and will be removed in the next.

Only terms can be secured through the authorization feature.





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