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SAS/Access - Engine

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SAS/Access - Engine


I'm new to SAS. Have recently purchased SAS 9.2 along with SAS/ACCESS for SQL Server and ODBC.

I was wondering if SAS/ACCESS has a SDK that one can use to build a new connector to a custom DB. i do not want to use the ODBC connector provided by SAS as i want to be able to perform some custom tasks that are not generally provided by generic ODBC.

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Re: SAS/Access - Engine

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I might be wrong but isn't the SAS ODBC driver for accessing SAS files from other applications via ODBC?

If so then the ODBC provider for a data base would be distributed by the data base vendor and not by SAS.

What the SAS/Access engine to ODBC does is translating SAS code into ODBC syntax, sending this code to the ODBC provider (via a connector possibly) and retrieve the response.

You sure can't modify the SAS/Access engine as this is not open source ....

By the way:
This question is better asked in the SAS Macro Facility.... forum as this is the most technical one.

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SAS/Access - Engine

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SAS/ACCESS does not has a SDK.But you can use JDBC of SAS for Java to connect to SAS library.

Or If your comany purchase integrated technology ,then you can develop some client software to talk to sas by Java , .NET , VB....

Or If your company has purchased SAS/CONNECT SAS/SHARE ,you also can connect to sas dataset.


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