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SAS 9.3 and Oracle 12c database compatibility

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SAS 9.3 and Oracle 12c database compatibility

Hi everyone,


I am questioned about the possibility and compatibility of Oracle 12c server database, in SAS 9.3 version.

We only need to extract data from Oracle 12c database using SAS DI Studio 4.6

Please help.


Best regards and thanks everyone.



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Re: SAS 9.3 and Oracle 12c database compatibility

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The system requirements says 10g or later. One can assume that Oracle should be backward compatible.

If you already have SAS/ACCESS to Oracle, testing for verification would be the way to go.

If you need to purchase the extra module from SAS, have them verify compatibility in the sales process.

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Re: SAS 9.3 and Oracle 12c database compatibility

Thanks for quick response...


I have SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC. Will it do for Oracle.


Currently we are using MS SQL Server as data source



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Re: SAS 9.3 and Oracle 12c database compatibility

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If your SAS compute tier is under Windows then I'd expect that you've got everything you need.

ODBC will have some functional restrictions and performance will likely be lower as compared to using the native SAS/Access to Oracle interface.


From the docu: 

"ODBC functionality is provided by three components: the client interface, the ODBC driver manager, and the ODBC driver. SAS provides the SAS/ACCESS interface to ODBC, which is the client interface. For PC platforms, Microsoft developed the ODBC Administrator, which is used from the Windows Control Panel to perform software administration and maintenance activities. The ODBC driver manager also manages the interaction between the client interface and the ODBC driver. On UNIX platforms, a default ODBC driver manager does not exist and SAS does not provide a driver manager with SAS/ACCESS to ODBC. For UNIX platforms, you should obtain an ODBC driver manager from your ODBC driver vendor."


If you need certainty then contact SAS TechSupport.

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