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Restore DI Job

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Restore DI Job

Using same table in many different di jobs. If we delete the table from metadata then all jobs Will be shown in error mode.

How to recover all impacted di jobs If we recreate/import the same metadata table again

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Re: Restore DI Job

If you can afford it, restore all metadata (from SMS) to the point before the deletion.

Otherwise, try to open a backup in a new configuration, and from there export the deleted table an all depending jobs.

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Re: Restore DI Job

It doesn't help to redefine  that library. All connections - associations are also lost and not being recreated.

You can:

- add those manually and rebuild the DI job, building up that association one for one.
- When having a functionally backup (the automatic metadata backup is not a functionally backup) restore define the librarie and after that all DI-jobs

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