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Reporting Job Flow Results

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Reporting Job Flow Results

Hi All,
I'm trying to build a dashboard of results of production jobs running in Platform Process Manager. Is there an easy way to report out the job flow results? I know DI allows the writing of return codes to a sas dataset but we have a lot of jobs running PPM already and it will take some time to modify the jobs etc and raise the appropriate migration approvals etc.

I have tried using the LSF bhist command, content of JFJobs in metadata but none of these seem to work.

Any suggestions? My only option that I can see apart from modifying the jobs is to scrape log files in the batch which I don't really want to do.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Reporting Job Flow Results

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I just learned from a paper on Global Forum that Platform LSF is delivered with a administration GUI, which includes a Dashboard. Maybe you could check that out before building your own...? It is called RTM.

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