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Report Export

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Report Export

So I did export some reports, cubes , and information maps from SAS managent console and saved it on documents on my local drive. They all have .spk extension and I was able open and read both cubes and IMAPS but failing to open the reports (export package). The message I get is "GetContentsCmd status FAILED, reason = java.lang.NullPointerException".


Does anybody have an idea what might have gone wrong, and any idea how to view the report.


Thank you.

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Re: Report Export

Hello @GLartey,


I feel curious: did you got any warning or error on the log when you exported the package? Do you have SSL (https) on your web applications?


My best guess at this moment is that your spk package got all the information from the metadata, but not from the WebDAV, your SAS Content Server. And while the information of the report is stored on the metadata, the actual report is stored in the content server.


Therefore, if you made the export with a user that has no access to the SAS Content Server, your report could not be completely exported. In order you make a proper export you will require an appropiate user, as sasadm, sastrust or any other user with access to the SAS Content Server.


Of course, this is just my best guess. To give the proper answer we or SAS Technical Support would need to give a look to your spk package and/or your log from the export.


Hope it helps a bit!


Kind regards,


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Re: Report Export

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Hi Juan,
Thank you for the response, I did the export as sasadm. But guess what, I tried another alternative by writing the content of the report to an external file which I was able to open with Notepad. But my question is can this be migrated.
Thank you,
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