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Remote submission to mainframe (rsubmit) ?

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Remote submission to mainframe (rsubmit) ?


I am trying to work on a large dataset (8 GB). This is what I have done so far.

1. Sign on to mainframe from Windows SAS

2. Uploaded the dataset to mainframe (using proc upload)

Now I am trying to perform a rsubmit and get an output. I have tested the rsubmit with smaller dataset and it works efficiently. But it performs really slow  and fails when I try to run proc glimmx on this large dataset.

I am seeking suggestions to improve performance.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Remote submission to mainframe (rsubmit) ?

What's the error? What does the log tell you? For example are you simply running out of memory, is it paging/swapping, ....?

If you can: Upload your data into a permanent file, then run your code from the "rsubmit" block directly on the Mainframe (using a ISPF editor). Only if you get that working run the code from remote.

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