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Remediation process Documentation

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Remediation process Documentation

Hi All,

Working on a Data Governance project,  Wherein we want to set up an Remediation process using

1) SAS DataFlux DMP

2) SAS Data Management Console

3) SAS WorkFlow.

Would highly appreciate if I can get any documentation that would outline how to

1) Create an Remediation issues via SAS DataFlux DMP

2)  What are the default fields that needs to considered, such as ID , Item, Status, Assignee etc.

3)  How does these fields map to the SAS Workflow

If some one can help with a demo that would be awesome.

Thanking in advance


Danny Dsouza

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Re: Remediation process Documentation

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The relevant documentation is at the following location:

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Re: Remediation process Documentation

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As CHW points out, the SAS Data Remediation User's Guide is located on the Doc page.

In this guide is a chapter about using the DM Console, and chapter 3 describes how to create and upload the workflow server using SAS Workflow Studio.

SAS Data Remediation is a component in several of the SAS offerings, such as SAS MDM and SAS Data Management. Those offerings include both DataFlux products (like DataFlux DM Studio) and SAS products, like MDM and Task Manager.

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