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Register metadata table with subset of rows

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Register metadata table with subset of rows

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Suppose I have a source SAS dataset, can I register the table but only have it include a subset of rows?


For example, using sashelp.class as a source dataset, register the table as ClassFemales and have the registered metadata table only have the rows for females in it. 


Can I do that subsetting when I register the table?  That is, can I  register sashelp.class(where=(sex='F'))  ?


Or would I need to use an infomap?


Big picture is I have a SAS dataset that will eventually feed prompts.  SAS dataset is like:

Prompt    Value   Label
Prompt1   A         Pretty A
Prompt1   B         Pretty B
Prompt2   X         Pretty X Label
Prompt2   Y         Pretty Y Label

So that one dataset defines selection options for several prompts. 



My goal is to make a separate registered table for each prompt, to use as a dynamic lookup.  But I'm hoping not to split the OS dataset into n datasets, one for each prompt.

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Re: Register metadata table with subset of rows

Not sure if I entirely understand your application.
You cannot enter a filter as such in a metadata object. You can do some dynamic filtering if you are using metabound libraries, but that is primarily target for row level access purposes.
It's sounds like you need views or infomaps for this.
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Re: Register metadata table with subset of rows

Thanks @LinusH.  General application is wanting to have a single SAS dataset that has the data to define the response options for a set of prompts.  Similar to how you can make one CNTLIN dataset that defines a set of formats.


I hadn't thought of using permanent views.  Assuming I can register a view and then use it as a source for a prompt, that could work.  So I would have the data for all the prompts stored in one dataset.  Then would have a separate view for each prompt which subsets the data.

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