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Regarding saswork and sasutil files setup in configuraion files

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Regarding saswork and sasutil files setup in configuraion files



I have some doubts regarding the sas work and sas util files which we setup with in the sasv9.cfg,
sasv9_local.cfg and sasv9_usermods.cfg files with the memsize, sortsize and maxmemory for work files.


normally above config files will be located in below all directories,but as per sas
in which directories the above config files with memory,sort size should be setup.

In our unix enviroment it has been setup in sashome

It be very helpful if anyone can light shade on the saswork and sasutil how it works
and where it should be setup







Thank you

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Re: Regarding saswork and sasutil files setup in configuraion files

You shouldn't need to change the SAS metadata server setup as the SAS defaults should be fine for that.


I don't use Unix but the layout should be similar to what I see under Windows:


Under SAS\Config\Lev1\SASApp you should find sasv9_usermods.config. If you change this file all changes will cascade to all folders under SASApp - WorkspaceServer, StoredProcessServer etc. So any servers configured under SASApp will get the changes


If you have more than one instance of SAS running, for example SAS\Config\Lev2\SASApp2 change the sasv9_usermods.config here as well.

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Re: Regarding saswork and sasutil files setup in configuraion files

Thank you very much for your prompt reply


when a user submits any job from Enterprise guide or SAS AMO .

Does this jobs works based on or depending on the memsize, sortsize..etc that has been setup in
sasv.cfg and sasv9_local.cfg or does it depends on space allocated in the file system for saswork and sasutil.

And in future if the no. of users and submission of jobs increases does we need to increase file system space for saswork and sasutil or memsize, sortsize..etc  in sasv9_local.cfg.

What is the purpose of the file system space, when already memszie,sort size has been setup in sasv9_local.cfg file.
What exactly file system is used for ? does job ran by user from EG or AMO depends on both file system space and just only sasv9_lolcal.cfg file.

If the performance of the running  jobs slowers do we need to increase the memsize, sortsize..etc  in sasv9_local.cfg
or we need to increase file system space or should we increase both for better performance.


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Re: Regarding saswork and sasutil files setup in configuraion files

[ Edited ]

Every job that runs on SASApp, regardless if it is from EG, AMO, batch, SAS Studio etc will use the defaults in sasv9.config unless modified in sasv9_usermods.config. These jobs will also be limited by the disk space available in the SASWORK and SASUTIL folders for any SAS files using these SAS libraries.


You seem to be confusing MEMSIZE, SORTSIZE with disk space. MEMSIZE and SORTSIZE specify how much memory SAS uses for a job and how much for sorting respectively. This has nothing to do with the disk space SAS uses for the temporary SAS files stored in the SASWORK and SASUTIL folders. The operating system defines how much disk space is available in these folders not SAS.


Increasing MEMSIZE and SORTSIZE may not necessarily improve performance. The default values supplied by SAS at installation are usually optimal and should only be changed if your jobs run out of memory. What may slow down your jobs is if you don't have enough physical memory available on your SAS App server. This is configured by the operating system, not SAS. Under Windows using Task Manager is a good way to see if you are running short of physical memory or not.


The same applies to SASWORK and SASUTIL space. If there is still plenty of spare space in these folders there is no need to add more as it wont speed up your jobs. Increase them when you are starting to run short of space.

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Re: Regarding saswork and sasutil files setup in configuraion files

Thank you very much for all the valuable information you provided

so in our environment the memsize,sortsize has been set in sashome in sasv9_local.cfg, actually you are saying all jobs will use by defalut all the settings in sasv9.config file and not from sasv9_local.cfg, then what is the purpose of these settings in sasv9_local.cfg.


-work    /saswork
-utilloc /sasutil

-memsize     0.75G
-sortsize    0.75G
-maxmemquery 0.5G
-msymtabmax   64M

The physical memory available on SAS App in our environment is 32768 Megabytes, so if we increase this does this speed up our jobs performance.
as of now the performance of our running jobs are slower,and I  think we enough phyiscal memory as per below value,but still why jobs perofrmance is slower.

prtconf | grep Memory
Memory size: 32768 Megabytes


and as you said the disk space which has been setup for saswork and sasutil is used only for temp files which stores in saswork and sasutil  and any for other purpose.


sasdrd/sasutil     20T    6.0G   7.8T     1%    /sasutil
sasdrd/saswork     20T    18G    7.8T     1%    /saswork



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