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Reading a flat file present in HDFS (Hadoop)

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Reading a flat file present in HDFS (Hadoop)

Hi, I have a flat file placed in HDFS file system. I would like to read this file in my SAS program. I want to harness the the power of parellal processing in Hadoop eco system in order to reduce time drastically. Can you please help how I can achieve this. Thanks!!
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Re: Reading a flat file present in HDFS (Hadoop)

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Filename hadoop will give you the ability to read the file, but the processing will take place on the SAS "client".

One way to go is to register the file into Hive, then you can use SAS/ACCESS to Hadoop to pass through a significant amount of processing to the Hadoop cluster.

Also, there are other options, depending on your requirements and constraints.

What SAS licenses do you have?

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