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ReadBuff SAS 9.4 (64 Bit) help

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ReadBuff SAS 9.4 (64 Bit) help

Dear All,


Currently I am  using Sas 9.4 version.My system configuration is Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 processor 64 bit,16GB RAM.


When I Insert ReadBuff option in libaname statement my session abruptly gets closed without any data extraction.


Attached herewith the error message which gets generated before closing the session.Please provide me solution for the same.






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Re: ReadBuff SAS 9.4 (64 Bit) help

What does the first line in the error message say?

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Re: ReadBuff SAS 9.4 (64 Bit) help

It might help to post the relavent code.

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