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Read only SAS view(on double click too)

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Read only SAS view(on double click too)

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We have SAS datasets, which many people have access to read and write. Many a times people click those tables and open. Table gets locked. To circumvent this problem, I tried to created views in same library, if people double click the view it opens table and locks the table. 


One solution I am thinking of to create view in new library with access=read only option.


Is there read only view option, where in someone double clicks and table does not lock the table. is it possible to do in same library. 


Please let me know if something is not clear.

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Re: Read only SAS view(on double click too)

Is it only the exclusive lock you are worrying about?
So they need write access at all?
Also, describe your environment (SAS clients, any server, metadata server etc).
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Re: Read only SAS view(on double click too)

yes exclusive lock is what I am worried about. It is windows environment without SAS/Share .

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Re: Read only SAS view(on double click too)

If your users only need to consume the data but don't need write access then it's certainly a good idea to define the library with access=readonly. This should avoid any locking issues whether that's now using a view or accessing the table directly.


Accessing the table with readonly will still lock the table for write access (i.e. for a batch job updating the table). There is not much you can do about this except for having your write job run overnight and eventually restart the object spawner first (so all EG and SAS Studio sessions will be forced to release their lock). You could also look into option FILELOCKWAIT. This is not a 100% solution but it will eventually help you to circumvent the most common locking issues.

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