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Read / Write Visal Foxpro Data by SAS

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Read / Write Visal Foxpro Data by SAS

I am seeking a way of directly way of reading Visual Foxpro data in SAS, update data then write it back directly into Visual Foxpro. Using the following syntax could read Visual Foxpro data directly:

libname mylib oledb provider=VFPOLEDB.1 DataSource="H:\" preserve_tab_names=yes; However had problem on writing out data in Visual Foxpro directly using the following syntax:

data mylib.US;




ERROR: Execute error: Unable to get create accessor; Error in columns : One or more accessor flags were invalid.

ERROR: ROLLBACK issued due to errors for data set MYLIB.US.DATA.



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Re: Read / Write Visal Foxpro Data by SAS

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I suggest you try SQL PASSTHRU similar to this SAS note:


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