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Re-using Java code in SAS DMP 2.6

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Re-using Java code in SAS DMP 2.6

Hi All,

We are exploring the feasibility of  reusing a Java code as part of the Data job.

The scenario is that most of the business rules are configured using Java programs, and the customer would like to re-use this environment.

Thus we would be highly obliged if any one in the forum can guide us through with an example of using the Java transformation ( Part of Utilities) within the data job.



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Re: Re-using Java code in SAS DMP 2.6

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Hi Ronny,

You can call your Java code in a data job using the Java Plugin node, located in the Utilities group in the Modes rise. To use it, you have to use one of the supplied plug-in wrappers for your Java program. These facilitate the parameter passing between a data job and the Java plug-in. There are examples and associated Javadoc included with your installation here:

C:\Program Files\SASHome\DataFluxDataManagementStudio\2.6\lib\

The Data Management Studio 2.6 User's Guide contains some additional help on this as well:

Running a Java Program in a Data Job

See if that will help you get started.


Mike F.

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