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Pushing data from SAS to IBM Websphere Queue

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Pushing data from SAS to IBM Websphere Queue

I want to write data from SAS to Websphere queue. The desired format is an XML file. I have created the XML file and the data is being pushed into the queue. I can see the data in there but instead of transfering the complete XML tags , only bits and pieces of data are being transferred. The data which i am seeing in queue is randomly available. I am using the IBM Websphere Queue Writer transform in SAS DI.


This is how my XML file looks like


<mfc:Message xmlns:mfc="urnSmiley">
<mfc:MessageType>x0277s_fra_adr_vask </mfc:MessageType>
<mfc:MessageVersion>70722150112932992 </mfc:MessageVersion>
<mfcSmiley FrustratedystemSupplier/>
<mfc:TimeStamp>19SEP2017:15:41:28 </mfc:TimeStamp>
<mfc:ConsignmentNumber>70722150112932992 </mfc:ConsignmentNumber>
<mfc:AddressPointId>681740 </mfc:AddressPointId>
<mfc:RecipientId>19010680 </mfc:RecipientId>
<mfc:Name>NAME 123 </mfc:Name>
<mfc:Address1> Address 123  </mfc:Address1>
<mfcSmiley FrustratedtreetName></mfcSmiley FrustratedtreetName>
<mfcSmiley FrustratedtreetNumber></mfcSmiley FrustratedtreetNumber>
<mfcSmiley TongueoBoxNumber></mfcSmiley TongueoBoxNumber>
<mfcSmiley TongueostalCode>7011 </mfcSmiley TongueostalCode>
<mfcSmiley TongueostalName> OSLO </mfcSmiley TongueostalName>
<mfc:CountryCode>NO </mfc:CountryCode>
<mfc:MapCoordinateX>7009053 </mfc:MapCoordinateX>
<mfc:MapCoordinateY>298730 </mfc:MapCoordinateY>
<mfc:MapCoordinateSystem>UTM Sone 33 (EUREF89/WGS84 </mfc:MapCoordinateSystem>

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