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Problem with DI Studion

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Problem with DI Studion

I will wonder if anyone has such problem and I will wonder more if somebody has a solution.

I have very complex SAS job, and I'm unable to generate code for it or even edit any of Job diagram components like a SAS Extract etc.

But I delete some amount of components from Job and it will become less heavy then I am able to generate a code and edit Diagram components?

Does anyone know why it is so?

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Problem with DI Studion

Hi Oddin,

What DI Studio version are you using? It might be related to memory which your DI can use. You can change it by modifying the etlstudio.ini located at your DI studio's installation folder.

You might also want to chunk that complex job. Most of implementations I saw developed their jobs that way. It actually makes the diagram load faster, and you can split the work to 2 persons or more in case there is some modification needed.

Please note that this are just my thoughts. You might want to open a track on for this one for an exact explanation. Smiley Happy

Hope this helps.


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Problem with DI Studion

I tought it might be related with memory also. After changing etlstudio.ini SAS DI studio started working fast. But it's not solving my problem, probably because I haven't enough memory on my computer. I'm using SAS DI 9.1. But thx for help.

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