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Post-Jam Notes – June 2017

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Post-Jam Notes – June 2017

Hello there community,

Today’s SAS Data Management Jam saw a slightly different kind of action. The team of SAS experts hosting the Jam focused on solving several of the top-viewed 100 discussions on the community. Why would we focus our efforts there you might ask? We’re improving the experience of those who land on these popular topics. By marking them as solved, you don’t have to hunt for the right answer. It’s called out for you plain as day as an “accepted solution.” You can get the answer and move on with your day.

Thanks to the work during the Jam (see off-the-cuff documentary of the event courtesy of magnem_sas), now community members will see the right answer immediately on the below topics. We’ll whittle away at the list of unsolved, popular topics over time and likely make it part of future Jam sessions – while we wait for new questions to come in during the hour that is.

Hooray for these now solved topics!


WARNING Extraneous text on %MEND statement ignored

ballardw, Astounding, beverlyobeng, LinusH


Export SAS 9.4 file to Access .mdb

mlogan, Reeza, Paul_OldenKamp_org, ballardw


Connecting to SAP BW

SteveED, Casian, CameronLawson, maddysbi,  jakarman


Hadoop Data Library Connection Issue

JBailey, fatcat, AnnaBrown, pmohanty, Nikolay, DaveR_SAS, keds, mdavidson


Trouble importing a stata dataset

mohamed_zaki, JeromeSome


Converting documents from XLSX to CSV so that they can be read by SAS DI Studio

msofficeuser, Patrick, LinusH, DaveR_SAS, EinarRoed, CameronL, data_null__


I need to know sas versions supported with latest version of Hadoop

Aman4SAS, LinusH, JuanS_OCS, JBailey


Export data from MySQL/SQL Server to SAS

LinusH, Reeza, okcken


How to infile .gz files

Patrick, Aman4SAS, MohammadFayaz, ChrisHemedinger


Running total

stat_sas, Haikuo, Reeza, Astounding, shivkr, Ksharp, LinusH

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