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Post-Jam Notes – Jan. 2017

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Post-Jam Notes – Jan. 2017

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Well we did it. Completed our first-ever SAS Data Management Community Jam (cue the guitar riff)! A big thank you to everyone who participated, and those of you who watched. We saw a GIANT spike in traffic and activity on the Data Management Community, see below graph, during the hour. So even if you didn’t chime in, we hope you enjoyed the conversation and got some answers.


Built with SAS (PROC SGPLOT).  Times in EST.

Page views during January Jam.png



Here’s a rundown of data management discussions and contributors (you all rock!) from yesterday. Some threads originated in other SAS Support Communities, so you may have noticed lots of “thread movement” throughout the hour. Check it out:


TeraGrapher, JBailey, SASKiwi, LinusH, RW9

DavidGhan, DanielSantos, Koti


Saranya_Sub, LinusH, JBailey


Centrica, JBailey, nar_sas


JBailey, brulard

LorenzoMerli, SteveSober


margautz, MKQueen


LinusH, ballardw, jwhite, LaurieF, Kritsana, Reeza, Patrick


lisad_sas, sandeep_reddy


lisad_sas, sandeep_reddy


JBailey, tommy81


JBailey, Mark_sas, PKumar



We'll definitely hold more Jams this year. Look out for news on those. 


What'd you think about the session this time around? Was it helpful? Anything we could have done differently?

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