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Post-Jam Notes – Dec. 2017

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Post-Jam Notes – Dec. 2017


December DM Jam.JPGSeveral SAS Data Management Community topics certainly got JAMMED (Parks and Recreation anyone?) yesterday. Once again during our Jam session, a host of SAS experts gathered around a conference table and on the phone to tackle questions young and old on the community. You could even sense a little internal competition on who could get to the most questions. I hope you enjoyed observing the action, and were reminded of some older – yet still popular – data management topics that have been discussed on the community. Here’s a list of threads we addressed by either marking them as solved or replying with new info.

Distinct on Select Columns
jwhite, KurtBremser, TomKari, RW9, Ksharp

Merge vs SQL Left Join
Ujjawal, AnnaBrown, Patrick, stat_sas, Ksharp, hellind, RW9

Saving data set to earlier version of SAS
geneshackman, Ksharp, RW9, ballardw, DaveR_SAS, TomKari, Patrick, nkhamgal

Load SAS Dataset to MS SQL Server via SQL server job
Quentin, LinusH, SASKiwi, Ksharp, Tom, ACBradley

How to add prefix to variable name?
jing2000yr, Patrick, ballardw, user24feb, Steelers_In_DC, RW9

How Do I Delete column (variable) conditionally
507A, Haikuo, stat_sas, Astounding, Ksharp

Macro variable in file path
Ujjawal, ballardw, SteveED

INPUT function requires a character argument
christinagting0, DavidGhan, PGStats

ERROR: Teradata row not delivered (trget): Numeric overflow occurred during computation
ewgrashorn, JBailey, LinusH, TomKari, SASKiwi, Tom, jakarman

Dataflux 2.7 and Encrypted SAS Datasets
Lenvdb, LinusH, nar_sas

DATAFLUX 2.6 - Direct Access to Oracle
LuisLeiteBR, JBailey

WARNING: The variable in the DROP, KEEP, or RENAME list has never been referenced
dr2014, ballardw

Google Big Query
PraveenBala, JBailey, Reeza, LinusH

Simple steps to schedule a SAS job in UNIX (PUTTY) (plan to create an article on this topic)
ragivenk189, nissant

How Can I Get Connected to SAS Server
Eric_ChuLinusH, SASKiwi

How to convert mm/dd/yyyy into dd/mm/yyyy in SAS
ilikesas, Cynthia_sas, Reeza, ballardw, Community_Help

Syntax help for Case statement
lloraine, TomKari, Hima, Reeza

Set all missing values as 'NA' even in columns whose format allows for one character only
paulschm, FreelanceReinhard, Astounding

Configure connection to Sybase where password encryption is enabled
geoffu8, BruceT, SASKiwi, patelm

What exactly is the difference between missover and truncover?
venkatnaveen, Patrick, Ksharp, Tom, RahulVermaarpi

How do I generate random dataset from existing dataset
jsch, Ksharp, RW9, ballardw, TomKari, thomp7050

SAS and Salesforce - Your input needed
JBailey, Florent
How to prepare data for Sentiment Analytics
sas_noob_1, RonAgresta

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