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Post-Jam Notes – April 2017

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Post-Jam Notes – April 2017

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We sure enjoyed jamming out on the community again during the April 25 Data Management Jam. Thank you to all who joined us – whether you followed along, asked or answered questions. (Of course some may say we were just battling it out in a game of World of Warcraft, but that’s up for debate TomKari Smiley Wink)

Just as we saw in January, there was a major uptick in community views and published messages during the Jam hour, see below graph. True to other online communities, the number of people viewing pages far outweighs the number of posts. Lots of people visit and consume the info; a tiny slice of them actually say something. Keep in mind that the majority of published messages were responses from SAS experts participating in the Jam.


Built with SAS (PROC SGPLOT). Times in EST. The big spike is the Jam hour.


Page views_published messages during April Jam.png


Several threads were addressed during the hour. Some of the questions were asked on other SAS Support Communities so we helped them find their rightful home here on the Data Management Community. On the flip side, we moved a few threads out of the Data Management Community and into where they were most appropriate. Threads we jammed on include:


LouGalway_sas, alandool

SuryaKiran, kiranv_, lakshmi_74, LinusH, DavidGhan


ajain59, JBailey


Quentin, DaveR_SAS, SteveED

BrettRankin, LouGalway_sas


Rupasree, tylerfreckmann

tarunchitkara, lisad_sas, DaveR_SAS,

ScottBass, RW9, Tom

jwhite, ChrisHemedinger

ajain59, AnnaBrown, JBailey



We look forward to future Jams! Any thoughts, observations or suggestions on other ways to handle those?

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