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Overwriting Terms in SAS Business Data Network

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Overwriting Terms in SAS Business Data Network

I am loading terms into the SAS Business Data network based off of what project I am currently working on. Sometimes One project will have a few terms that I have already defined within the Business Data Network (BDN). When this happens the import overwrites the existing term based off of the new import sheet.


I need to be able to lock the current terms, because I have data stewards editing the information within the BDN to keep up to date.


Is there functionality in SAS BDN that will allow any terms read in that are already in the BDN to be ignored instead of updated. 

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Re: Overwriting Terms in SAS Business Data Network

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Hi Matthew


If Business Terms are being loaded throught the Import Term action while they are being edited by a user (open in the UI in edit mode), the version imported will overwrite the current one. However when the user will save his changes he will get a message saying that the term has been updated by another user. Then he can decide between overwritting, saving as a new term, discarding changes or cancelling the action.

If the term is not opened in edition, then it will be replaced.



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