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Objects (Reports) can't be deleted

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Objects (Reports) can't be deleted

Hi all,


We've got several duplicate metadata folders in DI Studio within a folder 'System/Repaired Objects'. These folders contain objects such as tables and reports. I can delete the duplicate tables, but when I attempt to delete a duplicate report I get the following messages.


When trying to delete from DI Studio:

"(report) in (folder) is of a type whish is not recognized and will not be deleted."


When trying to delete from Management Console:

"Delete is not supported as information to delete this object is unavailable."


Does this look familiar to anyone? How is there a way to get these removed?



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Re: Objects (Reports) can't be deleted

How did these object get into 'System/Repaired Objects' in first place? Have you run an "analyze/repair"?


I haven't had problems with the specific object you mention but I did have problems in the past with a corrupted object which I couldn't delete.


Things you could try:

Back-up your repository!


Try 1:

1. Out of SMC run an "analyze/repair",

2. Try to delete your "bad" object


Try 2:

1. Export your "good" object (create a .spk)

2. Delete your "good" object in metadata

3. Import your .spk into the folder where your "bad" duplicate lives (this will overwrite your same named bad object eventually fixing metadata)

4. Delete your bad object

5. Import the .spk where the "good" object need to live


Try 3:

1. In SCM under "Tools/XML Metadata Interface" delete the metadata objects via code

This is advanced and you need to understand the Open Metadata Architecture to do so. Else don't try! You could seriously corrupt metadata.


If Try 1 and Try 2 don't work then it's may be worth to contact SAS TechSupport for help.

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