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OLAP Cube and percentile values

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OLAP Cube and percentile values

Hi all.

I have a simple question for you Smiley LOL

We would need to create a percentile measure in an olap cube. As far as know, the measure is not available as a predefined aggregation, there a way to obtain it, maybe via mdx or via information map? The problem is that this kind of measures, as a nunique, would rely on all the original dataset, and cannot be preaggregate...

I have tried by making a calculated mesure by making a key dimension for each row, and calculating the measure as

pctl5(90, SetToList({[KeyDimension].CurrentMember.Children},[Measures].[MeasureToUse])),

where measure to use use a mean aggregate function (but going to keyDimension I would have the mean of every single value, so the value itself).

but the response is:

Insufficient memory - in the "CHILDREN" function


Has anyone any feasible solution?


Thanks! Smiley Happy

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Re: OLAP Cube and percentile values

Hi LukeL,


You might want to open a track with Technical Support for that “insufficient memory” message. There may be some options or a different syntax that might work for this exercise.






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