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News on SAS and Cloudera

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News on SAS and Cloudera


I thought you might be interested in the latest news on SAS and Cloudera. From announcement at Strata + Hadoop World this week:

     “With the recently released SAS Scoring Accelerator for Hadoop, Cloudera customers can now score analytic models directly in Hadoop with no data movement, in addition to traditional SAS in-database model scoring. This speeds ad-hoc modeling and scoring of new data sets (like click-stream, market-basket and customer affinity related data) and automates model deployment inside the cluster, significantly reducing costs associated with time-consuming model deployment and maintenance.”

SAS and Cloudera are also working on bring enterprise-class Data Management Frameworks to the Hadoop Operating Environment. This allows Hadoop to interact more seamlessly with traditional structured data domains and brings the Data Management to a single control point.


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