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NLS Encoding Value for a Session Not Obeying Default Set

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NLS Encoding Value for a Session Not Obeying Default Set

Hi! I'm having an issue with my SAS 9.4 sessions encoding my data as if the default were Japanese DBCS (SHIFT-JIS), while my default locale and encoding appear to be set correctly (to en_US and wlatin1) in my configuration file. 

When I run "proc options option=encoding option=locale;" after opening SAS, I get the response:

SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release 9.4  TS1M1


                   Specifies the default character-set encoding for the SAS session.

LOCALE=JA_JP      Specifies a set of attributes in a SAS session that reflect the language, local conventions, and

                   culture for a geographical region.

Checking my !SASROOT file "%put sasroot = %sysget(sasroot);" produces C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4, and opening the file sasv9.cfg within that directory, I see the command:

-config "C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\nls\en\sasv9.cfg".

Traveling to that file, I can see the commands that should set the default, I believe:

-SET SASCFG "C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\nls\en"


-ENCODING wlatin1

Can anyone help me with this?  It's such an annoyance.

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Re: NLS Encoding Value for a Session Not Obeying Default Set

Solved my own question, or at least I've stopped the default.  Through a process of elimination, I figured out that SAS was loading the config file from a folder called "1d" which set the locale to Japan.  I removed that file, replaced it with the English one and now my default is western. I still don't know why that's where the program decided to pull the config file from, but I'm willing to live with the mystery if I can have western encoding. 

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