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Memory setup for HIVE in SAS

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Memory setup for HIVE in SAS

Hi SAS users,


I am trying to create Table using PROC SQL connecting to Hadoop  to pull the data from hive tables. I am getting memory issue and i  have asked to SET; in my SAS code. I tried adding it as option and it is erroring .

Can anyone suggest me where and how to use memory setting for Hive data pull's.


CONNECT TO HADOOP (user=&user. password=&password. server="XXXX" port=10039 subprotocol=hive2 DBMAX_TEXT=80
30       ! );
ERROR: Invalid option name




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Re: Memory setup for HIVE in SAS

I suspect you need to use the PROPERTIES = option like properties = 'MyProperties' as in this link:


While the link is for the LIBNAME statement you could try it in a CONNECT statement.

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Re: Memory setup for HIVE in SAS

SASKiwi is correct. You'll need to add the mapreduce option using PROPERTIES. See example below:



PROPERTIES="hive.fetch.task.conversion=minimal;hive.fetch.task.conversion .threshold=-1";



proc sql;
     connect to hadoop ......


         select X_FACILITY_OFFER_CD,

                   count(*) as count, sum(X_FACILITY_OFFERED_AMT) as X_FACILITY_OFFERED_AMT_SUM,             sum(X_FACILITY_OFFER_SEQ_NO) as X_FACILITY_OFFER_SEQ_NO_SUM

from UC5_TEST3A group by 1 order by 1

disconnect from hadoop;




The PROPERTIES option can be added on either the libname statement or Hadoop connection string in Explicit pass-through, as you used in your example.



Also, depending on how the Hadoop environment has been set up, altering the memory for a map task via SAS code may not change the memory for the map task. This could be locked down by the Hadoop administrator. 

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