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Management Information System

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Management Information System

Is this suitable for management information system? if yes than how can we apply this in an offline mode by connecting other Systems to get our bulky data in one place for fast processing and to avoid paper consumption. 

Kindly help to provide a detailed solution.


Thank you

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Re: Management Information System

What is "this"? Your question is very vague and lacking in detail which makes it impossible to provide useful answers. Please provide more detail on your requirements and why you are considering SAS as a possible solution.

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Re: Management Information System

How to manage user information like daily attendance, official reports, employees information etc without wasting much more time. if you are working in an organisation with 27,000 employees. I want some advance solution.


is it clear to you?

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Re: Management Information System

Note that this community is for helping people who run into obstacles doing their work or while learning. It's not a marketplace for outsourcing.


If you need a full-fledged solution, and don't want to do it yourself, hire a consultant. Your local SAS branch will assist you in finding one.

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Re: Management Information System


The answer is: "hard work".

You need first to clearly formulate the business problem you want to solve and create a business case. Then you need to find a sponsor within your organization (=someone willing to fund your idea).

Once you're there you need to further specify your business requirements and ideally get your enterprise architecture involved. After some additional Internet research you might then be in a position to contact vendors first with a request for information and the shortlisted ones with a request for a proposal. ...and so on. 

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