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Lookup Node with Teradata table

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Lookup Node with Teradata table


I have no environment to try this out yet, but is it possible to use a Teradata table as a source on the Lookup node and then set the output table as a Teradata table still? Are there benefits or will it complicate processing and make it slower?



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Re: Lookup Node with Teradata table

you definitely can, as long long you can have a libname assigned to the Teradata source.

About optimization, it's nearly impossible to have an opinion with this little information.

Probably will processing be slower than having it all happen in Teradata using pass-thru. So the question is, is there any functionality with the Look-up transform you need that can't be handled by a SQL join?

I think you should wait until you can get a hand on real data and try it in real life.

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