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Libref XXXXX is not assigned - Question

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Libref XXXXX is not assigned - Question

DI Studio 4.9

SAS 9.4


I'm working with several DI Studo jobs that seem to no longer recognize a library, where when they were run last year they did. Between then and now, we have migrated from 9.3 to 9.4 and moved to a new repository.


Most jobs in this process are working but there are a few that aren't.


Here's the behavior:


I'll open a job and I'm able to open the datasets referenced within no problem at all. All the Librefs seem to work fine. I'm opening the datasets and able to sort and filter the data.


However, once I run a node in the job (say, an extract) I get a message that all is successful. However, once I attempt to open the extract's work file, _or_ the tables that I could open, I get an error message:


"There was an error while initializing View Data. Details of the error are mentioned in the details section. Libref XXXXX is not assigned."


So, why were the tables and their data accessible prior to running any node and how do I resolve this besides rewritting all the jobs...



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Re: Libref XXXXX is not assigned - Question

Don't know the answer, but some trouble shooting tips/questions:

  1. Is the transformation creating a table or view (or doesn't matter)?
  2. Is the transformation using the standard work library?
  3. Seeing the log from the execution would help.
  4. Also, check logs in the metadata server and the object spawner. Also the local DI Studio log. Will probably not give anything, but still a standard step...
  5. How did you do the migration? SMU, export packages...
  6. Was by any chance saswork registered as a Library in the old environment?
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Re: Libref XXXXX is not assigned - Question

The Transformation created a view while using the standard work library. I've rebuilt the job, but anticipating it happening again. When it does I'll try to grab more info from the log.

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