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Library allocation in importing packages - DIS 4.21

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Library allocation in importing packages - DIS 4.21

Hello everybody!

I got a problem using Data Integration Studio 4.21

I export a package from one system to another. This packageis a set of libraries, tables and jobs.

I export the jobs with "Include dependent objects when retrieving initial collection of objects" option.

When I import the package the dependent libraries are not found  in source folders, even if they are present, but in Product folder.

Is it possible to have the libraries allocated to their original location?


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Library allocation in importing packages - DIS 4.21

When you use that option, if you import to a folder it will bring back all the objects to the one folder. 

If you want your libraries in a different folder, import those first and then import the other objects in another folder... 

During the import process, you get the opportunity to map the dependent objects.


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Library allocation in importing packages - DIS 4.21

If you import the package file into the root folder, there is an option that will allow you to import all objects contained within the package to their original locations.  This option exists on the first panel of the Import SAS Package wizard, called "Preserve source path information...".

This will force not just the libraries, but the tables and jobs as well to go to their original location.

If that's the a good option, the Import SAS Package wizard in Data Integration Studio 4.3 has a new feature that will allow you to move objects to a custom destination.

Otherwise Barry's suggestion is the only other option.


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