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JSL Fit Graph Axis to Data

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JSL Fit Graph Axis to Data


I'm slowly introducing myself into JSL coding.  I have a set of data that ranges from 0 to 10.  In some cases, the data goes over ten, but pretty rarely.  I'm trying to write the code to set the y axis in graph builder to the highest point in the data.  I can't set the max to ten, since if there's a data point that's at 15, it won't be shown.  Is there a way the script can recognize the highest amount in the set of data and then apply that to the axis?  Better yet, could it do five numbers above the highest point, that way the graph doesn't immediately cut it off at the point and makes it a bit more aesthetically pleasing?

Please let me know

Sorry if this has been asked before, first time posting.


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Re: JSL Fit Graph Axis to Data

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JMP has a separate site now. I think you'll get a better response at

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