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Issue with table loader

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Issue with table loader

We could see the result dataset upto SQL joins in a job. But the next transformation table loader is not working. It is not throwing any errors or warnings as well. Executions seems to be successful. But we could not find the records in the target dataset. Same issue exists across several jobs.

Kindly suggest ideas of where to check to solve this issue.

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Re: Issue with table loader

What update method do you use?

What DBMS do you use for the target tables?

If there something about the logic in the table loader, this could normally be found in the log (e.g. no of records in the different work tables used in table loader).

If you load to an external RDBMS, using SAS/ACCESS debugging will help you see the RDBMS specific SQL syntax for the update:


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Re: Issue with table loader

I guess there would be mapping issue.Just check if your source column and target column are mapped correctly in Mapping tab in table loader transformation.

If the source col and target col are not same then you need to do manually mapping each source to target variable(automatic mapping will not work if column names are different).

As suggested by Linus you an check the log for more information.



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