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Issue when using the Java Plugin Node in DataFlux

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Issue when using the Java Plugin Node in DataFlux

I'm using DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.6, and I'm trying to incorporate the Java Plugin node into one of my data jobs. The purpose of the Java Plugin node will be to archive files into a .zip file. What seems like it should be a simple task has proven to be anything but simple. Even testing with a simple Hello World class I've not gotten it to work.


For some reason, other than the files that are in the default path, which I assume is C:\Program Files\SASHome\DataFluxDataManagementStudio\2.5\lib\dfx-proxy-javaplugin.jar, I cannot select any other class files from any other .jar file, except dfx-javaplugin-samples.jar. So no matter what path I have in the Path field, the only classes that I can select in the Java Class field drop-down are DebugSimpleStep, DebugStep, HttpRequestStep, etc.


I'm not sure what I'm missing. I create the .java file, I compile it, and then I create the .jar file. I point the Java Plugin node path to the .jar file, and then I don't see the class in the drop-down list.


I realize that there are other ways to zip up files, i.e. calling a third-party tool like Winzip, but would rather go the Java route, as we will have future jobs that need to call Java. 

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Re: Issue when using the Java Plugin Node in DataFlux



Have you looked in the documentation for additional setup details? There is a "Java Plugin Node - FAQ" topic as well as a "Java Plugin Node," a "Running a Java Program in a Data Job," and "Set Up for the Java Plugin Node" topics with lots of information about setting classpath information.




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Re: Issue when using the Java Plugin Node in DataFlux

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Hi Ron,


Thanks for the quick reply. I've looked at "Running a Java Program in a Data Job", "Set Up for the Java Plugin Node", "Example Java Programs for the Java Plugin Node", "Java Plugin Node," "Java Plugin Node - FAQ", and even "A SAS®
Macro to Zip and Unzip Files in MS Windows without Additional External
Data Archiving Software", which is non-Java solution. 


I am able to get results when using the example job in the "Running a Java Program in a Data Job" article. It's just that when I create my own jar file, and put the classpath where my jar file is located (c:\1\zip.jar), the class doesn't show up in the Java class drop-down list. Attached is a screen shot.

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