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Infomap Studion and distinct rows

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Infomap Studion and distinct rows

I am trying to build an infomap. I have two tables, one with monthly data and one calender with everyday and corresponding month, quarter, year and some other carasteristicts.

I join the months to be able to aggregate on quarters and years.

The problem is the join will be perform on each day, which make the total aggregation about 30 times highter on yearly basis.

My question, is there a way to make the calenderfile only input one month, like distinct rows in sql?
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Re: Infomap Studion and distinct rows

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Is your month a SAS date column or a value describing the month number ?

My guess is that you should join by a SAS date column containing i.e. the last day of the month. This way your data will not be 30 timer higher.

Make a new column containing the date of the last day in the month - instead of your currently column that contains the month number - you will get the month from your calender table.
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Re: Infomap Studion and distinct rows

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Thats the way. It works perfekt.
Thank You.
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