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Import a SAS EGP file to a DI JOB

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Import a SAS EGP file to a DI JOB


      I work for a business team who are very fond of SAS EG. So we use Eg for creating the programs and then our plan is to import them to the DI studio environment as a job(User Transformation) and then schedule it. So the question here is that is it possible to create a job and deploy it without running it? If, yes can someone guide me through the process.


Thanks in advance guys

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Re: Import a SAS EGP file to a DI JOB

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There is an import task in DIS which allows you to import .sas files. Such code gets then split up into multiple "custom" nodes (I believe a node per run group). That works and looks nice but creates in my opinion a rather hard to maintain DIS job.


If creating metadata for scheduling is the only reason for DIS then what I would do:

1.Store a copy of the EG project in a safe location - versioned as part of handover from business to you. 

2. Export the EG code to a single .sas file

3. Get rid of the EG added code at the beginning and very end of the code (or implement these EG macros also in a SAS Autocall facility)

4. Save the .sas file somewhere on the server side

5. Create a job with a single user written transformation which just does an %include ... / source2; for this .sas file

6. Deploy the job

7. Schedule the job


Doing it this way should allow for easier job maintenance (done in EG). If you have to update things just create a new .sas file with the same name and replace the existing .sas file on the server (the one you %include).


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