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How use the WSDL created with SOAPUI in c#

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How use the WSDL created with SOAPUI in c#

I use DataFlux and create a Data-Services, but i can't create a web service in c#, with the information of the WSDL (create with SOAPUI).

Someone has a example with how to use the WSDL information.


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Re: How use the WSDL created with SOAPUI in c#

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Well, i have the answer

When you use DataFlux,you create Data-Service Automatically (you need to pass the job in the server section if you don't do it you can't call to .wsdl) in your app server, now only need to consume the DQISService.wsdl

Now you can follow the next steps

1 Add Web Reference in your application in my case i use Visual Studio 2008, take careful you need to add the server configurated with the port, the configuration of the web service is into the application

2 You need to follow the instructions of "DataFlux Data Management Server 2.5", this document have some instructions for use the jobs,

I hope this is useful

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