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How to resolve it?

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How to resolve it?

Hi Everyone,

I had oracle server, i have converted it into ODBC. Am able to connect this ODBC through BASE - SAS. But when i am trying through Management console studio it is showing invalid Login. Here am using same login id.

Please help me.



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Re: How to resolve it?

You give us very little to work on.

First, have you tried the ODBC connection from another client (than SAS) from the same server, i.e. Excel?

Then, you need to describe in more detail what/how you have defined your database server, schema and library in SMC. And how you defined the login, the authentication domain, user (groups) etc.

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Re: How to resolve it?

Have you displayed the LIBNAME statement that is being generated so that you know you are using the same userid? It may be picking up something entirely different. @LinusH mentions authentication domains - that is a very good area to review.

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Re: How to resolve it?

Hi Sravan,

Any news on this issue? Were you able to get your connection to work?

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