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How to import sas7bdat file into SAS DIS

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How to import sas7bdat file into SAS DIS

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I am a new user of SAS

I would like to know how I can import sas7bdat file (not in spk. package format) into SAS Data Integration Studio?Woman Sad

Thank you very much!


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Re: How to import sas7bdat file into SAS DIS

Search for "register table" in the DI Studio documentation.
This is one of the most basic tasks in DI Studio. It's not recommended to learn this tool on your own and ask questions on the forum. Sugest that you take some basic training/go through self paced tutorials.
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Re: How to import sas7bdat file into SAS DIS

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The .sas7bdat extension is for a SAS file. You don't need to import such a file anymore into SAS as it's already in the format for SAS data.



What you need to do is make the file available to your SAS session. SAS tables (files) become accessible to a SAS session via a Libname statement (or a metadata library definition).


DI Studio is metadata driven. In order to use a table in DI Studio you need also a metadata object for the physical object.


If you are totally new to SAS then you will first have to skill-up a bit how the SAS Architecture works; what's a compute tier, a mid tier and a metadata tier. 


If using DI Studio you will also require some tool training as well as some SAS language programming training. If you're really new to SAS don't just try and use DI Studio. That will only be frustrating without getting the adequate training first. 


SAS DI Studio is SAS' ETL tool. In order to use it you will also need to have an understanding of ETL/"Data Warehousing"

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