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How do we convert time zones in in DI Studio

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How do we convert time zones in in DI Studio

We are using DI Studio 4.902


We have source databases which have different system time zones.


One is America/Los_Angeles, one is America/Chicago and one is America/Anchorage (Local Time)


To complicate this:

The America/Los_Angeles is an Oracle Database

The America/Chicago is a SQLServer database

The America/Anchorage is a MySql database


What we would like to do is to set the Time Zones to convert to Local time (America/Anchorage) when we extract the data from the source databases so the resultant SAS Datasets all have their DATEn. formats return the Local time without having to do this for each DATE value.


Ideally we'd like to do this as a global setting, or failing that, at least a setting at the job level. Is there a way to do this, or are we going to have to convert each DATEn. variable in the SAS datasets one at a time in the transformations?

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Re: How do we convert time zones in in DI Studio

I haven't worked with this by myself, so I can't really give any good advice on the strategy.

SAS has a global TIMEZONE option and several functions that you can play with.

Also check for each RDBMS how SAS/ACCESS handles timestamp with time zones defined
Here's the reference for Oracle:
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