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Google Maps integration

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Google Maps integration

Hi everyone,


I'm looking at the best way to perform address validation. Currently we have subscriptions with QAS and Google (this was down to COTS). We have an opportunity to reduce our subs down to just Google (again COTS dependency) however I'm strugging to find any information as to SAS integation with the Google Maps API.


Has anyone got any experience/advice in this area?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Google Maps integration

Where in the world are you? 

Have you looked at PROC GEOCODE at all? 



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Re: Google Maps integration

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Thanks @Reeza.


I'm in the UK.


I'd seen PROC GEOCODE and basically had a muppet moment and not connected the dots. This may embarass me further but looking at the documentation it reads as if the geocoding information is shipped with SAS and therefore you don't need to punch out to a third party  - is that right?


Could life be getting simpler??? Smiley Happy

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Re: Google Maps integration

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Look at:

Then find the paper title:  PROC GEOCODE: Finding Locations Outside the U.S.

Under the title is a link to the paper and a link to the examples.

We do not have the street level geocoding in the UK.  We have Postal Code (ZIP Code) geocoding and world wide cities.


Unless you have a Google Map license, you should avoid using their free geocoder other than ON their maps.  You are not supposed to use it to store the data from their Geocoder.

That is why SAS doesn't have an integration with Google.

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Re: Google Maps integration

Posted in reply to Darrell_sas

Thanks @Darrell_sas,


We have licences for both QAS and Google hence my intial thoughts.


It's a shame that it doesn't get down to street level as that would of been perfect however I guess we could look at the contruct of the address hand in hand with the post code validation. This would certainly remove additional coding to an api to call street level info.


Is there a pin in the roadmap to bring street level info in for the UK?



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