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For Production system, how to detect and handle errors

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For Production system, how to detect and handle errors

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there is any SAS DataFlux documentation on error handling of various kinds. Failing documentation, if anyone is willing to share their experiences, I'd be very grateful.

The applications: SAS 9.4, DataFlux Data Management Server and Studio 2.6

What are the processes?: DF Jobs and DF web services (based on jobs)

Types of errors:

1) License shortage (what is the behavior of DF if this occurs? Anyway to handle gracefully?)

2) Database connection failure or interruption (In a job or web service, anyway to detect this and handle gracefully -- i.e., stop the job, log error, alert operations to failure?

3) Any other job/web service failure of an unexpected kind?

4) Is there any mechanism or node that can detect all DF failures of any kind? Kind of like a java try/catch exception block, but applied to the entire job?

Thank you in advance!

  - mark

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Re: For Production system, how to detect and handle errors

Perhaps others can post field experience with the issues you mention. I can suggest these log topics, as a start:

DM Studio (client) logs: Accessing Logs

DM Server logs: DataFlux(R) Data Management Server 2.6: Administrator's Guide

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