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Font size in DI Studio table representation

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Font size in DI Studio table representation

Dear all,

is there a way to change font size of the table representations in a DI Studio ETL diagram? Since DI Studio 4.21 the display is (with default settings) totally useless when it comes to names longer than 10 characters, which typically happens in larger projects with several layers e.g.

EX_FAKT_REVAL_ (gets cut off)

Splitter-> EX_FAKT__, EX_FAKT__ etc.

You just don't see the names without clicking or hovering over it.

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Re: Font size in DI Studio table representation

Sorry, I can't see any possibility in this version to change font size, or object size to make it fit longer names.
One way to make it show more letters is to use lower-case letters in names. Inserting spaces, periods or underscores will make it use soft line-brakes (and helping you display as much as possible on line one). Not especially satisfactory...

Perhaps some new features in 9.3 in this area...?

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Re: Font size in DI Studio table representation

It is not possible to change the diagram settings in 4.2. Some things that may help however are:

- hover over any node, all of the text shows
- Use basic properties window to see more content on a node. For any node on the diagram, click on it, and the basic properties window (View/Basic Properties if it is off) in the lower left corner will show more details including name/description of the selected node.

While there is no change to this in 9.3 for DI Studio, we do have a future diagram design coming that lets you expand a node to show more content. You can see this in action in the Data Management Studio diagram which contains the newer version of the diagram component.
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Re: Font size in DI Studio table representation

Thanks for the reply!

It is quite helpful as well to enter the required information again into the description field. This one shows more data in the diagram.

However, it somehow looks as if the developers of DI Studio never got in contact with more than a "customer" or "product" training table *irony off* ;-)
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