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Find Matching records using SAS DQ

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Find Matching records using SAS DQ

Hello everyone,


I am new to SAS DQ Tool. Actually, I am working on two datasets where I got one or two variables which are partially same. So my concern is to match those records and make golden dataset which is used for next process.



suppose I have datasets A and B which have variable as below,


A                      B

Name              Name 

Address          Postal Address 

Phone No.       Father's Name 





Variable Name and Addresses can be matched exactly or partially.



How can I get one final dataset using SAS DQ? Which Node should I use and what would logic for getting final result?



Any information link, document or any solution will be appreciated. 









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Re: Find Matching records using SAS DQ

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I'm not the expert in this so just high level: If you've got the SAS MDM solution which builds on the technology you've got licensed then that's what you should be using: 


If you haven't got the MDM solution then your DM Studio gives you still access to the functionality but you will have to build parts on your own. Here the docu link as starting point: 


If you haven't done so already then I recommend you get the relevant SAS training before trying to use the tool.

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