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File Reader Transformation - Record Count

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File Reader Transformation - Record Count

In reference to generating external file for file reader transformation,
just I wanted to know how to define the number of records (see attached snap ) if
we are not aware of the record count? Because file count is not static as we
receive the for every hour and the record count may vary for each file.

On a related point, how should I register my external file
for file reader transformation if it is getting updated for every hour?
Please note that my file will be delivered to same location in UNIX server with
time stamp.

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Re: File Reader Transformation - Record Count

Record count is not part of the external file metadata. Don't have access to DIS at the moment but if you don't specifically set  a max row count, you'll be fine. The record count in your screen shot is just for that dialog, will not be registered in metadata.

Do you mean that the file name will contain a time stamp? If so, the most common is to solve this by using a macro variable in the External File physical path, and build some logic to resolve it to an appropriate value at execution time.

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