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Export issues with missing values

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Export issues with missing values


SAS programs when executed on SAS 9.1.3 produces a null for all missing value when exported to CSV where as SAS 9.4 produces a period ( . ) for all the missing values in the dataset.

Is there a way to resolve this defect without changing the code. I have 5000+ source codes hence cannot take risk of updating all the codes.

Experts request your advice.

Thanks to everybody.. This forum & all experts are really awesome & helpful for almost any kind of issues we guys face.

Rgds, Anil

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Re: Export issues with missing values

This is not a defect. Most likely your SAS 9.1.3 has the SAS MISSING option set and SAS 9.4 doesn't. Add the statement: OPTIONS MISSING  = ''; to SAS 9.4.

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Re: Export issues with missing values

Are you using PROC EXPORT or ODS or ???

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