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Error BlueFusion Plugin - Invalid handle

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Error BlueFusion Plugin - Invalid handle

Hi There


I have created a parsing  on DataFlux 2.7 for the E-mail, my parsing was working all along  but now it started giving me the Error BlueFusion Plugin - Invalid handle.WHat could be the cause for this?


Please refer to my job attached.the node causing the issue is labeled Email_Address_Validation




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Re: Error BlueFusion Plugin - Invalid handle



You don't say if this is happening during job building or in the Customize component. If it was working and now you see an error without any other changes, you may have uncovered something like a memory leak. Have you tried closing down DM Studio, reopening the job and/or Customize, and seeing if the problem goes away for some period of time?


It sounds like you may need to open a support track.


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Re: Error BlueFusion Plugin - Invalid handle

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Thank you for your feedback


I have sorted the issue out,

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Re: Error BlueFusion Plugin - Invalid handle



I am on DM Studio 2.6. I am doing a simple parse for address and names. In the Preview window/tab, I get the following error:

Error in Parsing 1: BlueFusion Plugin - Invalid handle


This occurs each time I try to Preview the Parsing node.

There is no error when I run the job.

QKB = Malay (Malaysia)

I tried changing to

QKB = English (United States)


Error screen shared below.


What do I need to do in order to leverage on the Preview node?


I thought there was something



Thank you and kind regards,


Screen1_PreviewNotOK with Parsing.JPG
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