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ELT in DI Studio

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ELT in DI Studio

I came across the following interview question on today. Appreciate if someone hint me the answer.


What transformation will you use to do ELT in SAS DI Studio? I guess interviewer is looking for the name of transformation from me. I never did ELT in DI. Could someone of you give me the process flow in a line or two to do ELT in DI Studio.


Thank you.

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Re: ELT in DI Studio

I'm not so happy about the concept of learning the right answer for an interview questions. Like many other fields, being a good ETL (or ELT for that matter) developer requires knowledge, experience etc.


That said, many of the transformations in DI Studio can be used both as ETL and ELT. It also depends on how you define ELT.

One example is Join, where you can mark it to use explicit SQL pass-through. But that doesn't necessary means ELT, unless you specify the output to be in the same database.


So I would say it's rather a DI Studio job design pattern, rather than using specific transformations. Which is good, you don't lock yourself with ELT/ETL paradigms, you can switch quite easily without replacing the transformations.  

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