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Disconnect server in Data Integration Studio

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Disconnect server in Data Integration Studio



Sorry if this is a dumb question...


In EG, I can click the server (for example SASApp), then click Disconnect to shut down the workspace server session.


Does the same functionality exist in DI Studio?  I've got some user written code which calls user written macros in the autocall library.  When there's an error in the macro, I need to restart the workspace server to reload the autocall macro.


A colleague suggested to close and reopen the job, which appears to work, but I was hoping there's a better way.



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Re: Disconnect server in Data Integration Studio

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You disconnect be closing the job. I can't see the problem with that, seems like the samount of "work" as disconnect/connect...

And you are actually get prompted to save your job, and that's a good thing...

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